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Bait tech Additives Range

Bait tech Additives  Range

Bait tech Additive Range Additives Range Using ‘raw ingredients’ to concoct your own special mix is something many anglers spend hours perfecting. While we’ve done all the hard work with our comprehensive range of ready to use, highly effective groundbaits our range of additives allows any angler to tailor their mix to any situation. Top quality ingredients Allows you to create your own unique mixes Try dusting cubes of luncheon meat with Fishmeal or Salmon Fry Crumb! Read Tips on additives crushed hemp Everyone's favourite addition to any mix. Crushed Hemp is ideal for in your groundbait and the natural oils of the hemp will create instant attraction in your swim. Add to your spod mix and the flakes will flutter through the water layers. available 600g bags Fishmeal Made from fish and the bones and offal from processed fish. It is a brown powder obtained by drying the fish or fish trimmings, often after cooking, and then grinding it. This is probably the best base ingredient for making your own boilies and pastes or adding to any groundbaits, spod mixes – anything! A strong smell and is the most commonly used fishmeal in bait production. Fishmeal Salmon Fry Crumb Is a superb product for forming a carpet of small food particles that will attract fish and hold them in your swim. Allows you to create your own unique mixes – try dusting cubes of Mighty Meat or boilies with this stuff for added attraction. Available in 500g bags. Golden Brown Crumb This is a Timeless Classic! Fluffy Golden Brown Crumb is perfect to use on its own. It’s also ideal for adding to, or bulking out groundbaits. It’s perfect in a feeder as all fish love it! So versatile you can use it almost anywhere. Available in 1kg bag.

Price: £2.45 - £2.99
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