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Korda Flat Distance COG BOOM Range

Korda Flat  Distance COG BOOM Range

Korda Flat Distance COG BOOM Range COG stands for Centre of Gravity. This lead system is so called because the rig is attached to the lead in the exact centre of gravity ensuring that a fish that picks the bait up hits the full weight of the lead immediately. Danny Fairbrass has been using the system for some time and describes why the setup is so effective. The COG turns far more pick ups into runs because the fish feels the FULL weight of the lead INSTANTLY. It turns a normal lead clip system into a more effective hooker than any other system. The Korda Lead Clip and Special Boom must be used with the correct COG lead. If the boom is too short the lead will sit/fly poorly if it is too long it may cause tangles. To eject the lead on the take secure the swivel with the pin provided. To turn the rig into a running setup after the initial pick up simply lose the pin! I'd suggest using soluble foam along with IQ or N-Trap coated hook links to prevent tangles. Wide range to choose from.

Price: 1.90 - 4.99
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